Won $30 dENiZEN Voucher

October 16, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner 

20111016-145452.jpgAbout 3 weeks ago, I bought a McDonald’s meal and was presented with this promotion. The restaurant was (and probably still on-going now) offering in conjunction with Monopoly to give its customers a chance to win prizes.

I was surprised when I tore off one of the tabs, which presented me with:


I was absolutely delighted. Now, the joy turns into disappointment after I visited the store itself…

At the dENiZEN (LEVI’s) store, I was greeted politely by the staff – I remembered that time I was at the Novena branch. The first thing she responded when I asked about the the redemption of the voucher was that I needed to choose a jean (which costs at least $80 and above) and is not valid for other products, apart from Jeans!!

What is that all about? Alright, so that $30 voucher is subject to terms and conditions… I simply walked out of that store immediately.

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2 Responses to “Won $30 dENiZEN Voucher”

  1. Anonymous Hong Kong Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 on October 28th, 2011 11:54 am

    Yes! They did the same thing to me at the Vivocity store.
    What a ripoff!

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