WordPress Upgraded to 2.7 Beta 1

November 5, 2008 · Posted in Site Info 

WordPress Logo for Version 2.7 Beta 1I am normally not in the favour of running beta stuffs on production servers; but this time is rather tempting, with the release of WordPress 2.7 Beta 1. A lot of reports and reviews have been released in the press giving thumbs-up for this latest version and it seems to be very true.

The interface is so cool; it’s just like a complete transition when WordPress 2.5 overtook the older version interfaces. WordPress 2.7 is that big transformation.

Apart from the interface design, which looks stunning from first view, the commands are well-placed strategically at the sidebar to ensure maximum effectiveness. In addition, one of the best functions is the automatic update feature, placed under Tools option. Note that, most of the features are done with Ajax, which is amazingly cool!

I’m going to check out this latest version with this very first post made here!

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