WPtouch Not Showing AdSense on iPhone

July 23, 2011 · Posted in Applications 

WPtouchWPtouch is a plugin that I used for my WordPress blog. When I first started using it, I have no issue and that the good part of it was, it could display my Google AdSense ads.

Recently, for some reasons, it stopped showing all my Google ads on my iPhone. I tried to modify some of the configuration, checked the Google AdSense for help but to no avail.

I’m going to reach out to WPtouch developers for help to see if this issue can be resolved. If I do not get it resolved, I may have to consider another plugin, or perhaps totally remove the mobile edition.

Revenue is lost every single day this is not resolved.

Update: Eventually, I realised what had gone wrong. My iPhone is installed with AdBlocker, and hence all ads get blocked. When I deactivate AdBlocker, my Google Ads appear.

Well, looks like I have solved my own problem.

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