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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set for Lunch

February 18, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Ya Kun LogoI did not know what to eat for lunch, eventually I decided to trot down to Orchard Road. Then, deciding to keep my diet, I felt maybe some light lunch will do. So, no more rice, noodles or stuffs like that.

Then, Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set just happened to ring on my head. Without hesitation, I proceeded to ground floor of Far East Plaza to order myself a set. It was nice, but thought the eggs could make my cholesterol level high, as I already had eggs in the morning.

That’s not all; in order not to let my fats grow out of my tummy, I walked my way back to office instead of taking the bus! It’s good, healthy and allows one to keep fit. Furthermore, it save transportation cost.

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