Yin Qi Stronger Than Yang Qi

June 10, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

In Chinese culture, a human body comprises of both “Yin” and “Yang”. Men generally tend to have stronger Yang energy than Yin energy, and women are the reverse. Meditation is one of the most powerful skill to master, as it takes a lot of patience and concentration to reach the level of serenity.

Recently, I felt myself very weak. Normally, it was not to be like that, because when one is weak, it could simply means the Yin and Yang are unbalanced, thereby resulting in a transitional effect in the mind of a human body. This further exposes the weakness of a body to external interference. Inevitably, I fell sick last Friday. It was when the mind and concentration is at the weakest moment.

Over the weekend, I recovered and felt better; but has the feeling that my body reacted differently. No, not like that of a women, but I felt more Yin energy flowing rather than Yang energy. It is quite difficult to explain how it is like, but the energy channelled from one part to another part of the body is as calm as silence in the night.

When a Yang energy is strong, one could feel energy flowing around quicker, with faster heart pulse and emitting heat constantly. The effect of Yin is, hence, the reverse.

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